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What Dentists Want to Know – Listener Q&A #2 – Episode 114

Do you have burning questions about your personal or practice finances? In this episode of Dentist Money™, Reese & Ryan...

Here’s What’s Changed About Practice Management – Episode 113

What’s the right balance of delegation and direct involvement? As the CEO of your practice, do you have enough information...

Why You Need to Know Your Liquid Term – Episode 112

How much cash should you keep on hand? Beyond an emergency fund, what are the advantages of maintaining adequate liquidity?...

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Why Dentists Retire Six Years Later than the Average American

Learn the common hurdles that keep dentists from reaching financial independence on schedule

How We Help Dentists Build Wealth Faster

See how Dentist Advisors delivers comprehensive financial planning using a proprietary system to measure key indicators of financial health

How Dentists Get Organized and Win Their Time Back

Learn about the tools and technology Dentist Advisors uses to help dentists take control of their time and make better...

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What is Elements® Comprehensive Financial Planning?

Learn about the Elements® periodic table of financial indicators and see how twelve simple calculations can be used to help...

Video 5: Are You Taking the Right Amount of Risk?

See how the Elements® are used to measure the risk you take with your investments, practice, and insurance coverage

Video 4: Are You Using Your Income Wisely?

Learn how the money you put toward saving, spending, debt, and taxes can be tracked to optimize your growth

Video 3: Do You Have the Right Mix of Assets?

Learn how the Elements can be used to make sure you have a balanced distribution of assets.

Video 2: How Much Wealth Do You Need to Make Work Optional?

See how to calculate your progress toward financial independence using an Element called Total Term

Video 1: Four Questions Every Dentist Needs to Answer

Learn how the Elements® periodic table of twelve financial indicators empowers dentists to fulfill their wealth-building potential

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