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Listen to THE DENTIST MONEY™ SHOW podcast

Listen to THE DENTIST MONEY™ SHOW podcast

Join thousands of dentists who are learning how to make smart financial decisions. You’ll be entertained while getting straightforward advice about investing, retirement planning, tax reduction, insurance, debt management, and personal finance.

How Do I Get a Podcast?

A Podcast is a like a radio/TV show but can be accessed via the internet any time you want. There are two ways to can get the Dentist Money Show.

  1. Watch/listen to it on our website via a web browser (Safari or Chrome) on your mobile device by visiting our podcast page.
  2. Download it automatically to your phone or tablet each week using one of the following apps.
    • For iPhones or iPads, use the Apple Podcasts app. You can get this app via the App Store (it comes pre-installed on newer devices). Once installed just search for "Dentist Money" and then click the "subscribe" button.
    • For Android phones and tablets, we suggest using the Stitcher app. You can get this app by visiting the Google Play Store. Once installed, search for "Dentist Money" and then click the plus icon (+) to add it to your favorites list.

If you need any help, feel free to contact us for support.


Financial Planning & Investment Management for Dentists

Dentist Advisors is a fee-only, fiduciary advisor, focused exclusively on dentists.

Personal CFO Service

We organize everything in your financial life and run point on your wealth strategy

  • Transparent, fee-only pricing
  • Objective, fiduciary advice
  • Dental-specific financial coaching
  • Long term investment strategy

Service Features

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Elements® Comprehensive
Planning System
  • Monthly planning calendar
  • Personal dashboard
  • Retirement progress tracking

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  • Broad diversification
  • Low-cost fund selection
  • Tax efficient trading

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Service Models and Pricing

For Personal CFO service, we charge a monthly planning fee and a separate fee for assets under management (AUM).Our pricing assumes your investable assets will be managed by Dentist Advisors. See AUM fee schedule

Click on the approximate amount of your investable assets to calculate your monthly planning fee discount:


For aspiring practice owners and career associates

$195 $0-195 / Month
+ AUM fee &
​​​​​​​$1,500 for initial plan*

Practice Owner

For small to medium-sized practice owners

$495 $0-495 / Month
+ AUM fee &
​​​​​​​$2,500 for initial plan*

Advanced Owner

For large or multi-location practice owners

$695 $0-695 / Month
+ AUM Fee &
$3,500 for initial plan*

Dental Enterprise

For enterprise level ​​​​​​​dental entrepreneurs

Custom Monthly Fee
+ AUM Fee &
​​​​​​​$5,000 for initial plan*

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