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Financial Education Library for Dentists

Our financial education library is filled with dental-specific insights on investing, retirement planning, personal finance, tax management, insurance, debt management, profitability, and other financial topics. Explore our collection of articles, courses, podcasts, videos, and eGuides.

Advanced Practice Management Solutions to Create More Cashflow

Ryan Isaac welcomes Scott Leune to discuss specific operations and practice management systems that can increase practice profitability.

Are Commodities a Good Hedge Against Inflation? – Episode #340

When inflation begins straining investor nerves, questions about commodities—especially gold—as a hedge against rising prices are sure to follow. Where...

Stocks 101: Staying Calm in an Uncertain Market

Ryan Isaac, CFP®, and Matt Mulcock, CFP® discuss current stock market behavior and how to not only keep a level...

Is a Recession Ever a Good Thing? – Episode #335

Post-Covid we saw economic stimulus, now rising interest rates show federal fiscal strategies are changing. Is this a signal that...

Does This Really Work? Overcoming Trust Issues with Your Financial Plan

Ryan Isaac, CFP®, and Matt Mulcock, CFP®, discuss creating an investment and financial plan strategy as an early career dentist,...

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money

In this webinar Ryan Isaac, CFP®, and Matt Mulcock, CFP®, discuss how to have productive financial discussions with your spouse.

Dental Finance 101: Why Financial Products Aren’t Financial Plans

By Dentist Advisors

The busier your practice gets, and the more complicated your personal life becomes, the harder it is to properly plan...

Do Dave Ramsey’s “Baby Steps” Apply to Dentists?

In this webinar, Ryan Isaac, CFP® and Matt Mulcock, CFP® will talk about the steps Dentists can take for their...

Dental Finance 101: Every Investor Needs to Take Some Risk

By Dentist Advisors

There are only about 4,000 stocks on the entire U.S. stock market—a number that surprises most people because it seems...

Brush-up On Your Financial Fundamentals

Join Ryan Isaac & Matt Mulcock for a discussion about the financial basics every dentist should know and understand.

What’s Your Financial Kryptonite? Here’s How to Beat It

We each have personality types that either positively or negatively affect our financial behavior. Recognizing the traits that may stunt...

New Year. New Money Mindset?

Join Ryan Isaac & Matt Mulcock for a discussion about how to implement simple processes for better decision making.