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Personalized Investment Advice & Comprehensive Financial Planning

We see your entire financial picture using our proprietary system and leading edge technology.

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Why Our Advisors are Different

Did you know?

A fiduciary is legally obligated to act in the best interest of his or her client.

Read more about the fiduciary standard

Know you have the best financial advisor.

We are never paid commission for selling you financial products.

Fiduciary is held to a fiduciary standard which ensures your best interest is always served.

We’ve been working with dentists for over a decade.

The Keys to Better Investment Performance

Did you know?

Vanguard research shows an advisor can add:

  • 1% to 2% in net investment return with behavioral coaching
  • 0.75% in net return by selecting the right account types

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Know your money is invested properly.

Personalized Portfolio
Receive a carefully-designed investment plan based on your income, tax rate, risk tolerance, behavioral profile, and individual goals.

Properly Diversified
Capture the value created in the global economy by investing in a broad selection of companies, countries, and currencies.

Follow our disciplined, behavior-first investment philosophy influenced by respected academics, world-renowned economists, and Nobel laureates.

Four Questions Every Dentist Needs to Answer

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Last year our average Elements® client:

  • Saved 21.6% of his/her personal income
  • Increased net worth by 20.5%

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Know you’re building wealth.

Use our proprietary system to monitor the most important indicators of your financial health. Learn more about the Elements®

Industry Benchmarking
Compare your financial performance to a large sample of other dentists.

Quarterly Progress Reports
See how fast and how much your net worth is changing over time.

How Dentists Get Organized and Win Their Time Back

Did you know?

Our average Elements® client:

  • Spends $16,570 per month
  • Owns $707,430 in real estate
  • Has an estimated practice value of $1,045,532

See Elements® Year End Report

Know you’re in control of your finances with a dashboard.

Learn more about our dashboard

Single login
Our dashboard lets you’ll see all your bank accounts, credit cards, assets, and loans in one place.

Real Time
Live connections between your dashboard and your financial accounts provide current balances on demand.

Reliable Data
Your important financial decisions will be based on real numbers instead of assumptions.

Personal Investment Portfolio

Whether you need cost-effective investments, a place to grow your kid’s college fund, or an account to prepare for retirement, we can build a personalized investment portfolio to help you reach your goals. Each portfolio is carefully designed using the best academic and professional research available. Your tax rate, income level, cash flow, personality profile, and risk tolerance will be used to guide your advisor’s recommendations.

Vanguard research and other academic studies have concluded that behavioral coaching can add 1% to 2% in net return.

Daily Account Rebalancing & Trading

We will review your account each day for rebalancing opportunities. As you receive income from stocks and bonds, or make deposits into your account, your advisor will make calculated decisions about where to invest each new dollar. Instead of automatically putting new cash flow into the same investments each month, we will look for opportunities to purchase investments that are underweight, potentially creating valuable long term returns. A good portfolio should always take into account the evolution of the global stock market.

Vanguard estimates that rebalancing with new cash flow may add as much as .35% to your overall portfolio return.

Quarterly Investment Performance Summary

We take a long term approach to investing and will always keep you informed about market conditions and personal performance. On a quarterly basis you’ll receive an investment summary with a breakdown of your portfolio, account balances, deposits, growth, and fees.

Tax Management & Portfolio Optimization

Your investments will be placed in accounts that offer the greatest tax benefit based on your individual circumstances. We also perform tax loss harvesting to take advantage of years when your investments may have declined due to economic downturn. To minimize capital gains taxes we can help you donate portions of your securities to charity instead of using ordinary income to make contributions. By putting your assets in the right locations, harvesting losses properly, and donating capital gains when appropriate, we can effectively increase the overall rate of return on your investments.

Vanguard estimates that placing investments in the right account types may add as much as .75% in annual return.

Elements® Analysis and Benchmarking

Our Elements® planning methodology turns complex questions into simple calculations and gives your advisor a 360° view of your financial picture. The 12 key indicators of your financial health will be continually measured and benchmarked against a large sample of other dentists.

Learn More About The Elements®

Dashboard to track all personal and practice finances in one place

With access to a personal dashboard, you’ll be able to view all your account activity, assets, and debts in one place. The dashboard gathers data from your various financial institutions in real time, which means you can see your net worth on demand. Instead of relying on hunches and assumptions, your advisor will use real data to provide recommendations with greater precision.

Learn More About our 24/7 Dashboard

Continuously Updated Net Worth Statement & Progress Report

Each quarter we serve up a progress report which shows how your net worth is changing over time. The report includes a detailed breakdown of your assets and debts so it’s clear which factors are contributing to growth or decline.

From 2016 – 2017 our average Elements® client increased net worth by 20.5%.

Limited power of attorney to coordinate planning with other service professionals

Using a limited power of attorney, we will establish lines of communication with each of your professional contacts to request data and documents on a regular basis. In essence, we’ll be the quarterback of your service provider team and make sure your financial playbook includes the most up-to-date information from all the right sources. This allows us to complete much of our analysis behind the scenes without disrupting your busy schedule.

Associate advisor to monitor performance

An associate advisor from a top ranked financial planning program will use our industry-leading technology to prepare ongoing evaluations which give your advisor a clear view into the details of your asset distribution, loans, taxes, personal spending, insurance, practice profitability, investments, and other financial vitals.

Personal Financial Advisor

You’ll receive personal guidance from a fiduciary advisor who understands dentistry and is empowered by the best technology. Without product-based commissions to influence your advisor’s decisions, you can be certain financial advice is always unbiased and given with your best interest in mind.

One-Time Consultation, Diagnosis & Planning

Before we put your financial plan in motion, we will diagnose your situation and learn about your goals through a series of discovery meetings. Once your wealth management agreement is signed, we will get to work on your new client steps which include building your dashboard, establishing communication with your professional contacts, completing your personal net worth statement, designing your investment plan, and setting up your investment accounts.

Annual Investment Fee

Investment fees are solely based on your total assets under our management. We don’t receive commissions or bonuses for selling any investment products. As a fee-only registered investment advisor, we’ve structured our company to grow when you grow. This chart shows how our investment fees are calculated on a quarterly and annual basis.

Ongoing Analysis, Advice & Reporting

We charge a flat monthly rate for comprehensive financial planning. You’ll have guidance from an advisor, ongoing Elements® analysis and benchmarking, a personal dashboard, quarterly net worth progress reports, an associate advisor to monitor performance, and coordinated planning with your other service providers. The monthly fee is waived when you reach $3M in assets under management ($5M for Elements®+ clients).