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How Investment Returns Are Actually Calculated – Episode #533

Getting the right number for your investment returns should be simple … right!? But there are actually several factors that go into an accurate calculation. On this episode of the Dentist Money Show, Ryan and Matt invite Rabih Dimachki, CFA and Director of Investment Strategy at Dentist Advisors, to explain why getting the exact ratio … Continued

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How Investment Returns Are Actually Calculated – Episode #533

Getting the right number for your investment returns should be simple … right!? But there are actually several factors that...

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Maximizing Returns: The Role of Time in Investing – Episode #515

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IRS Warns of the “Dirty Dozen” Bogus Tax Schemes – Episode #510

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Understanding the Basics of Invisible DSO Partnerships – Episode #508

As the dental industry evolves, Invisible DSOs are becoming pivotal in influencing the future. Operating behind the scenes, “invisibility” denotes...

Beyond a Resume: Rethinking the Hiring Process – Episode #507

When hiring, does past practice experience eclipse key performance factors like learning speed and the ability to handle stress? In...

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