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Join thousands of dentists who are learning how to make smart financial decisions. You’ll be entertained while getting straightforward advice about investing, retirement planning, tax reduction, insurance, debt management, and personal finance.

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Is Dave Ramsey’s Latest Advice ‘Dangerously Wrong’? – Episode #454

Dave Ramsey’s latest on-air rant about the 4% rule for retirement withdrawals was filled with “supernerds,” “goobers,” “bogus math,” and “stealing peoples’ hope”. And it has received a chorus of unified denunciations from advisors. On this Dentist Money Show, Ryan, Matt, and Victoria talk about the flaws in Ramsey’s argument and look at why he’s … Continued

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4 Places Money Should Go During Uncertain Times – Episode #418

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The New Math for Old Student Loan Debt – Episode #416

The government added some new twists to old student loan debt. Now there are numerous reasons why you may need...

3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Practice – Episode #414

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Can “Dental Moneyball” Up Your Growth Game? – Episode #412

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5 Money Mistakes That Plague Dentists – Episode #410

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Real Talk with Rabih: The Role of Bonds and High-Yield Funds – Episode #408

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What Dentists Want to Know — Listener Q&R #2 – Episode #406

While 401(k)s aren’t common at dental practices, they are available to many dentists’ partners or spouses. So what are the...

3 Steps to Building a Solid Financial Foundation – Episode #404

Building a secure foundation that supports your money decisions doesn’t require constant stress about finances. Follow these three steps to...

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