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Join thousands of dentists who are learning how to make smart financial decisions. You’ll be entertained while getting straightforward advice about investing, retirement planning, tax reduction, insurance, debt management, and personal finance.

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The FTX Crypto Collapse and What We Learned – Episode #364

There’s a degree of uncertainty and potential for loss that comes with every investment. But some come with much greater risk—and you need to know why. On this episode of the Dentist Money™ Show, Ryan and Matt expose some of the issues that led to the FTX crypto exchange collapse, which scammed even elite firms. … Continued

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Outside sources are constantly bombarding our brains with a barrage of information intended to influence us to make snap decisions....

The Secret to Guilt-Free Spending – Episode #350

You may not need Pink Floyd’s “New car, caviar, four star, daydream, think I’ll buy me a football team, or,...

DSOs from an Insider’s Perspective – Episode #349

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Dentist Money Reads the News – Episode #348

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Why Financial Advice Should Be Like Dentistry – Episode #347

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Real Talk with Rabih: How Does the President Impact the Market? – Episode #346

  The President has what has been called the toughest job in the world. But how much do his decisions...

4 Reasons Dentists Should Invest in Stocks – Episode #345

Dentists generally can invest in these asset classes: their practice (private business), real estate, and public markets. You’re already invested...

What Is the Future for DPOs? – Episode #344

You like being your own boss, but is there a way to still feel independent and leverage the economies of...

Avoiding Bad Decisions During a Bear Market – Episode #343

When the stock market looks to be spiraling down, should you stop investing then watch from the sidelines and start...

LIVE Q&A + Big News at Dentist Advisors – Episode #342

On this Dentist Money™ Show, which was recorded live, Ryan, Matt, and Rabih answer questions about what’s happening in today’s...

Overcoming Pre-Ownership Jitters – Episode #341

The decisions you make prior to purchasing a practice have long-term implications. That’s why knowing which practice model fits your...

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