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Join thousands of dentists who are learning how to make smart financial decisions. You’ll be entertained while getting straightforward advice about investing, retirement planning, tax reduction, insurance, debt management, and personal finance.

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The FTX Crypto Collapse and What We Learned – Episode #364

There’s a degree of uncertainty and potential for loss that comes with every investment. But some come with much greater risk—and you need to know why. On this episode of the Dentist Money™ Show, Ryan and Matt expose some of the issues that led to the FTX crypto exchange collapse, which scammed even elite firms. … Continued

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As DSOs buy more practices and rising interest rates continue to increase the focus on real estate returns, how and...

How Teledentistry Can Lead to Better Case Acceptance – Episode #337

Teledentistry uses online video interactions to make it easier for patients and dentists to communicate—and it’s seen mixed results. With...

“Do’s & Don’ts” of Owning Your Practice Location – Episode #336

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Is a Recession Ever a Good Thing? – Episode #335

Post-Covid we saw economic stimulus, now rising interest rates show federal fiscal strategies are changing. Is this a signal that...

A Game Plan for Rising Interest Rates – Episode #334

As inflation increasingly becomes reality, learn what borrowing strategies you can use as rising interest rates continue to affect loans...

Million Dollar Advice to Celebrate One Million Downloads – Episode #333

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Are You Beating the Market (and Does It Matter)? – Episode #332

The NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament is known for its bracket-busting upsets and unexpected, last-second victories. But what if no...

What Dentists Want to Know — Listener Q&A #25 – Episode #331

On this listener Q&A episode of the Dentist Money™ Show, Ryan and Matt offer advice on estate plans, Buy-Sell Agreements,...

How to Increase Staff IQ through Cross-Training – Episode #330

It’s being called “The Great Resignation” and it caused many offices to revamp on-the-fly as employees were forced to multi-task...

Looking for a Quick Buck or Real Wealth? – Episode #329

Do you daydream about finding a quick road to riches? Or, like Warren Buffet, do you know, “There is nothing...

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