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Financial CE for Your Dental Study Club

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✔ AGD PACE approved for continuing education credit

✔ Taught by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals

✔ Offered virtually or in-person

Our Most Popular CE Presentations

When Can I Retire?

You’ve always thought of retirement as an age—probably sometime in your 60s. But how can you really know when work will become completely optional? In reality, retirement isn’t based on your age, but a financial calculation that tells you when it’s okay to stop working. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to calculate your “work optional” number and see what levers you can pull to accelerate your timeline. Read More

3 Keys to Better Investment Performance

The noisy world of investing makes it hard to know where your money should go and feel confident your portfolio is managed the right way. This course will show you how to become a better investor by following the fundamental principles of an evidence-based, sustainable, and long term growth strategy. You’ll learn what it means to have a truly diversified investment portfolio, whether you should invest when markets are hot or wait for a decline, and what parts of your investment plan you do and don’t have control over. Read More

Brush-Up on Your Financial Fundamentals

An understanding of financial planning basics is critical to building wealth and becoming financially independent at an earlier age. Unfortunately, these basics are rarely taught in dental school. This course will give you a judgement-free space where you can get answers to your financial questions, gain a solid understanding of basic financial terminology to help you confidently engage in financial conversations, and learn some dental-specific financial rules of thumb. Read More

New Money Mindset: Simple Habits for Better Financial Outcomes

Financial knowledge provides a solid foundation for smart decision making. But in truth, the difference between success and failure often comes down to good habits and behaviors. This course is designed to help you shape your “financial environment” and implement simple processes to overcome the bad habits and natural biases that often get in the way of smart financial decisions. You’ll get useful tips to avoid expensive behavioral blunders and start owning your financial narrative. Read More

Where Does All My Money Go?

Dentists consistently rank among the top earning professionals in the country, and yet many are found scratching their heads and asking, “Where does all my money go?” The simple answer is your hard-earned income can only go to one of four places: taxes, debt, savings, and spending. In this course, you will learn how much of your income should be allocated to each category in order to stay balanced and accelerate your growth. Read More

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Study clubs are offered virtually or in person.

Presentation length can typically be adjusted to fit the time allotment for your study club meeting.

All study club presentations include time for Q&A.

Custom topics are available upon request (just don’t ask us to do anything clinical).

Honorariums and/or travel expense reimbursements are not always required. However, we may request payment in certain cases to account for:

  • Travel distance and days
  • Audience size
  • Topic customization
  • Presentation length