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Our Team

Reese Harper, CFP®
Founder / CEO


President and CEO of Dentist Advisors, Reese Harper is a popular speaker at dental events and host of the Dentist Money™ Show podcast. He is a dental finance thought leader with a Masters in Finance along with CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), CLU®, and CHFC® designations. Reese designed a powerful service platform called Elements®, which is used by Dentist Advisors to help dentists across the country plan, invest, and retire better.

Ryan Isaac, CFP®
Co-founder / Senior Advisor


Co-Founder of Dentist Advisors and co-host of the Dentist Money™ Show, Ryan Isaac is a trusted financial advisor to dentists across the country. As a regular speaker at dental events nationwide, Ryan shares his expertise in portfolio management, debt reduction, tax management, retirement plans, profit sharing plans, and insurance. He is a CFP® with deep financial planning expertise and has been a major contributor to the growth of Dentist Advisors, which includes development of the Elements® planning system.

Jeff Morgan
Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Morgan has the central role of educating the dental community about the unique wealth management capabilities of Dentist Advisors. A marketing and communications expert, he helps promote the mission of Dentist Advisors to assist dentists in securing a better financial future. Jeff spent 18 years running his own digital marketing agency, which gives him exceptional digital advertising, content production, demand generation, lead nurturing, and marketing technology skills.

Jacob Rich
Planning Operations Manager

Jacob Rich is the longest tenured associate advisor at Dentist Advisors. He oversees financial planning operations and manages projects to develop our technology platform. Jacob provides ongoing financial analysis for clients and works closely with our team of advisors to ensure advice is always based on accurate data. He earned his financial planning degree from Utah Valley University and has a strong background in personal finance, financial modeling, and investment portfolio analysis.

Abby Morton, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Abby Morton is a CFP® professional and Associate Advisor for Dentist Advisors. Working closely with our senior advisors, Abby ensures our clients get data-driven financial service and advice. Her interest in financial planning began when Abby studied Finance at Utah Valley University. After receiving her degree, she spent five years at Goldman Sachs honing her skills before coming to Dentist Advisors to share her expertise and expand her financial knowledge.

Will Gochnour
Financial Advisor

Will Gochnour is a licensed Investment Advisor Representative who is working toward a CFP® certification. During his first two years at Dentist Advisors, he assisted hundreds of dentists with financial plans, played a key role in enhancing our Elements® planning process, and became an expert on dental-specific financial solutions. In his current role as a financial advisor, Will is the point person for dentists who rely on him for fiduciary guidance related to investment strategy, taxes, debt management, insurance, and net worth growth.

Tawnee McCay
Associate Advisor

Tawnee McCay earned her MBA with an emphasis in financial planning from Utah State University. She served as treasurer for a successful U.S. congressional campaign and is currently a council member for Riverton City. As an Associate Advisor for Dentist Advisors, Tawnee performs in-depth financial analysis which includes peer benchmarking, performance audits, and account verification. She also ensures accuracy of client records and plays an important role in new client onboarding.

Kaye Robison
Business Operations Manager

Kaye Robison watches over the details of our day-to-day business operations which include a variety of compliance, human resource, accounting, and general management activities. Since joining Dentist Advisors in 2011, she has held various client-facing and administrative responsibilities which allow her to navigate all the moving parts of our business.

Justin Copier

Justin Copier directs strategic initiatives for Dentist Advisors related to internal operations, employee development, and compliance. He earned his MBA from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University and has a strong background in business-to-consumer services. His primary objective at Dentist Advisors is to build a highly motivated team of experts who are empowered to help dentists build wealth faster.

Tad Henderson
Senior Copywriter

Tad Henderson is the Senior Copywriter at Dentist Advisors. It’s Tad’s job to make sure Dentist Advisors communicates with language that is clear and easy to understand. You’ll see his writing in much of the content we create to educate clients. Tad brings a broad writing history that includes ad agency work in the financial and health care industries. He even developed an e-learning tool for the AAPD called Helping You Smile that taught children what to expect when visiting the dentist.

Matt Mulcock, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Matt Mulcock is a CFP® professional who advised hundreds of clients at one of the largest asset managers in the world before transitioning to Dentist Advisors where he provides guidance for dentists within the context of their overall financial picture. Matt’s expertise includes portfolio construction, investment management, retirement plans, insurance, debt management, and tax reduction. He also dedicates time to educating dentists by writing blog posts and articles for the Education Library.

David Weiss

As the Chief Technical Officer at Dentist Advisors, David Weiss has the lead role in developing tools and technology to enhance the client experience. Through his vision and product development skills, David’s job is to improve the way financial information is delivered to clients through better communication and visualization. David’s talent for making complicated things simple to understand has been demonstrated on several high profile projects for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Cody Murray
Financial Advisor

Cody Murray works closely with clients of Dentist Advisors to build and implement comprehensive financial plans. Cody’s extensive financial background includes tax preparation, accounting, insurance, and investment research. He has both a Bachelor’s in Accounting and an MBA from Oklahoma State University, and is currently working toward a CFP® designation. With several years of experience providing fiduciary retirement planning services, Cody brings perspective that allows him to deliver holistic financial advice.

Jake Elm
Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor at Dentist Advisors, Jake Elm provides dentists with fiduciary guidance related to investments, debt, savings, taxes, and insurance. Since coming to Dentist Advisors, Jake has worked closely with other advisors and has also been instrumental in improving our Elements® and investment management processes. Jake is a graduate of Utah Valley University’s nationally ranked Personal Financial Planning program, and recently passed the exam to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Jenni Stokes Colborn
Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Jenni Stokes Colborn oversees strategies to promote the Dentist Advisors brand and deliver educational content through a variety of digital platforms. With an extensive background creating marketing and social media campaigns for magazines, TV, and tech companies, Jenni gives Dentist Advisors the ability to communicate its position as the leading financial planning firm for dentists. Jenni received a Communications degree, with an emphasis in Digital Marketing, from Westminster College of Salt Lake City.

Mckenzie Ycmat
Multimedia Content Manager

Mckenzie Ycmat brings our educational content to life with daily audio and visual production. She directs and publishes the Dentist Money™ Show, oversees educational video production, and manages all the digital content in our Education Library. She also brings experience as a writer, photographer, social media strategist, and SEO manager, which allows her to maximize the impact of content through a variety of platforms. Mckenzie earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Utah.

Todd Reynolds
User Experience Designer

Todd brings a diverse background of designing and developing web and mobile products. With a proven ability to refine complex information into simplified applications, he is leading our efforts to build intuitive financial planning tools to help dentists maintain a complete and accurate view of their finances. Previous to joining Dentist Advisors, Todd spent more than a decade developing interactive digital products for healthcare, educational, and financial organizations.

Jason Smith
Senior Software Engineer

As a member of the Dentist Advisors technology team, Jason Smith plays a critical role in building and testing interactive planning tools for advisors and clients. He brings programming expertise to manage development of mobile applications, ensure platform stability, and enhance usability. Before joining Dentist Advisors, Jason managed several projects for tech companies in the business of data sharing and data security.

Powell Naylor
Financial Planning Associate

Powell Naylor is pursuing a finance degree at Brigham Young University where he was named the Hope Outstanding Student. He gained valuable experience in portfolio management at two investment firms before joining Dentist Advisors where he prepares performance summaries, progress reports, and financial plans for advisors and their clients.

Rabih Dimachki
Investment Opersations Associate

A graduate of the American University of Beirut, Rabih is a CFA Level II candidate with a strong background in finance and technology. As an investment operations associate for Dentist Advisors, Rabih analyzes investment portfolios, executes trades in client accounts, and offers his expert guidance when rebalancing portfolios. In addition, Rabih also supports our investment operation by performing due diligence and improving our systems for compliance and account management.

John Webster
Senior Software Developer

As a Senior Software Developer, John Webster focuses on usability issues related to entering and tracking financial data for our clients. John is an expert in iOS development and has helped program several award-winning iOS apps. John’s career began at an early age of 16, and over the decades since, he has pursued his passion working on dozens of projects including web applications, iPhone and iPad apps, and embedded firmware.

Lauren Kearl
Financial Planning Associate

Lauren Kearl comes from the top-ranked personal financial planning program at Utah Valley University. At Dentist Advisors, her responsibilities include onboarding new clients, preparing monthly performance summaries, and supporting the financial planning team through ongoing data management. With a background in personal financial services, Lauren has a solid foundation to assist dentists in achieving process-driven financial health.

Jordan Haines
Financial Planning Associate

Jordan Haines is a graduate of Utah Valley University’s top-ranked personal financial planning program. He is also an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) and a Certified Financial Planner™️ candidate. Previous to Dentist Advisors, he spent time as a support advisor for firms in Utah and Washington. In his current role, Jordan works with our senior advisors to prepare financial plans, track net worth progress, and respond to ongoing client requests.

Our Mission:

To Help Dentists Secure Their Financial Future So They Can Start Living in The Moment

We believe every dentist can become financially independent by building the right mix of assets, using income wisely, and taking the proper amount of risk. We’ve developed a comprehensive financial planning model that enables us to provide data-driven, objective advice based on a full view of a dentist’s financial picture.

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