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Our Team

Reese Harper
Senior Advisor / CEO


As CEO of, Reese Harper is committed to building a team of expert advisors who help dentists fulfill their wealth-building potential. He began his career in 2003, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant, and holds CLU® and CHFC® designations from the American College of Financial Services. Reese’s investment in leading edge technology and his decision to focus solely on dentists has led to a powerful service platform where advice is given with greater precision at faster speeds. He is host of the Dentist Money™ Show, popular speaker at dental conventions, and regular contributor to dental publications.

Ryan Isaac
Senior Advisor


Ryan Isaac is a trusted financial advisor for dentists across the country who rely on him to build wealth with greater confidence. For each client, he considers the inseparable connection between personal and practice finances and develops a plan to optimize both. Ryan is an expert in portfolio management, debt reduction, tax management, retirement plans, profit sharing plans, and insurance. He is also co-host of the Dentist Money Show™ and a regular speaker at dental events nationwide.

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan has the central role of educating the dental community about the unique wealth management capabilities of Dentist Advisors. A marketing and communications expert, he helps promote the mission of Dentist Advisors to assist dentists in securing a better financial future. Jeff spent 18 years running his own digital marketing agency, which gives him exceptional digital advertising, content production, demand generation, lead nurturing, and marketing technology skills.

Jacob Rich
Planning Operations Manager

Jacob Rich is the longest tenured associate advisor at He oversees financial planning operations and manages projects to develop our technology platform. Jacob provides ongoing financial analysis for clients and works closely with our team of advisors to ensure advice is always based on accurate data. He earned his financial planning degree from Utah Valley University and has a strong background in personal finance, financial modeling, and investment portfolio analysis.

Abby Morton
Associate Advisor

Abby Morton is an Associate Advisor for Dentist Advisors. She works closely with our senior advisors to ensure clients get data-driven financial service and advice. Abby’s interest in financial planning began when she studied Finance at Utah Valley University. After receiving her degree she spent five years at Goldman Sachs honing her finance skills before coming to Dentist Advisors to share her expertise.

Will Gochnour
Associate Advisor

Will Gochnour provides ongoing support to our senior advisors who rely on him for performance summaries related to each client’s net worth, asset distribution, income allocation, and risk profile. He also plays a key role in educating both prospective and new clients of Dentist Advisors. Will earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah and is a licensed Investment Advisor Representative.

Tawnee McCay
Associate Advisor

Tawnee McCay earned her MBA with an emphasis in financial planning from Utah State University. She served as treasurer for a successful U.S. congressional campaign and is currently a council member for Riverton City. As an Associate Advisor for Dentist Advisors, Tawnee performs in-depth financial analysis which includes peer benchmarking, performance audits, and account verification. She also ensures accuracy of client records and plays an important role in new client onboarding.

Kaye Robison
Investment Operations Manager

Kaye Robison implements investment portfolio models for each client and oversees investment activity which includes account setup, money transfers, daily trading, billing, and contracts. She also performs compliance audits to ensure business operations and client communication follow SEC regulations. Kaye is the main point of contact for clients who need to make withdrawals, transfers, or deposits.

Justin Copier

Justin Copier directs strategic initiatives for which include industry partnerships, internal operations, employee development, client communication, and content production. He earned his MBA from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University and has a strong background in business-to-consumer communication. His primary objective at is to build a highly motivated team of experts who are empowered to help dentists build wealth faster.

Jeff Alexander
Digital Media Manager

Jeff Alexander brings our educational content to life with daily audio and visual production. He records, edits, and publishes each episode of the Dentist Money™ Show and directs all educational videos. His proficiency in set design, camera work, sound, lighting, and graphic design allow us to produce high quality content for dentists in large volumes. Jeff’s technical skillset also includes web design, marketing automation, and social media communication. He earned a BS in digital media with an emphasis in film design from Eastern Oregon University.

Tad Henderson
Senior Copywriter

Tad Henderson is the Senior Copywriter at Dentist Advisors. It’s Tad’s job to make sure Dentist Advisors communicates with language that is clear and easy to understand. You’ll see his writing in much of the content we create to educate clients. Tad brings a broad writing history that includes ad agency work in the financial and health care industries. He even developed an e-learning tool for the AAPD called Helping You Smile that taught children what to expect when visiting the dentist.

Matt Mulcock
Financial Advisor

Matt Mulcock is a CFP® professional who advised hundreds of clients at one of the largest asset managers in the world before transitioning to Dentist Advisors where he provides guidance for dentists within the context of their overall financial picture. Matt’s expertise includes portfolio construction, investment management, retirement plans, insurance, debt management, and tax reduction. He also dedicates time to educating dentists by writing blog posts and articles for the Education Library.

David Weiss

As the Chief Technical Officer at Dentist Advisors, David Weiss has the lead role in developing tools and technology to enhance the client experience. Through his vision and product development skills, David’s job is to improve the way financial information is delivered to clients through better communication and visualization. David’s talent for making complicated things simple to understand has been demonstrated on several high profile projects for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Chad Kelley
Financial Advisor

Chad Kelley works closely with Dentist Advisors clients to help them make informed decisions based on a complete and accurate view of their financial picture. He holds a CFP® certification along with B.S. degrees in Finance and Economics from Utah State University. Before joining Dentist Advisors, Chad spent several years advising high-income medical professionals on investment strategy, asset protection, and debt management.

Jake Elm
Financial Planning Associate

Jake Elm is a product of Utah Valley University’s nationally ranked Personal Financial Planning program. At Dentist Advisors, he supports planning operations to ensure timely onboarding of new clients, accurate Elements® reporting and benchmarking, and reliable net worth calculations. Jake also assists our senior advisors with implementation of our clients’ financial plans.

Our Mission:

To Help Dentists Secure Their Financial Future So They Can Start Living Now

We believe every dentist can become financially independent by building the right mix of assets, using income wisely, and taking the proper amount of risk. We’ve developed a comprehensive financial planning model that enables us to provide data-driven, objective advice based on a full view of a dentist’s financial picture.

Watch our intro series to learn how we work and think:

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