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Financial Education Library for Dentists

Our financial education library is filled with dental-specific insights on investing, retirement planning, personal finance, tax management, insurance, debt management, profitability, and other financial topics. Explore our collection of articles, courses, podcasts, videos, and eGuides.

What Dentists Want to Know — Listener Q&A #16 – Episode 247

Whether you’re accumulating over time or trying to decide what to do with a big chunk of money, you need...

How does your savings rate drive your returns?

In this video clip, Reese Harper and Ryan Isaac explain why maintaining a high, steady savings rate is the best...

Monthly Financial Elements® – Savings (Sr)

Join Ryan Isaac in a discussion about finding the right balance between preparation and living well today.

Why a 10% Savings Rate Won’t Cut it for a Dentist – Episode 219

Your savings rate is what indicates if you’re on the path to financial security. On this episode of the Dentist...

Monthly Financial Elements® – Financial Independence (Tt)

Join Ryan Isaac, for a discussion about Financial Independence (Tt), one of the key Elements® of an optimized financial plan.

Do Your Kids Know the Value of a Dollar? – Episode 189

Where’s the line between providing for your kids and enabling them? What can you do as a parent to make...