Dental Menu

The Most Advanced Membership Software in the World

Dental Menu is a complete platform that allows dental providers to offer membership plans directly to their patients. Easily create a “menu” of services to attract and retain the most profitable patients in your practice. 


Their powerful software will handle all the details, ensuring timely payments, accurate accounting, and efficient administration. What does that mean? A simple path to happy patients, happy staff, and happy profits. 


What sets Dental Menu Apart?

  • Your Practice, Our Software – Don’t be forced to sell someone else’s plan or software. We help YOU build YOUR PLAN exactly how you want. 
  • White-Labeled Solution – Everything is branded for your practice with no co-branding. Patients pay your practice directly and receive charges directly from your office. Don’t employ another middle-man with your plans.
  • Flexible Plan Design – Increase revenue by allowing patients to add extra services to their plans. 
  • Patient Rewards – Keep patients active on your plans and increase treatment acceptance using our built in rewards program. 
  • Accurate Financial Reconciliation – Match collections with production without using unnecessary adjustments
  • Practice Management Integration – Save you and your team time and headaches toggling between two systems. 
  • Benefit Tracking – Our software tracks benefit usage and eligibility giving you a true picture of usage and profitability. 
  • Coaching – One-on-one coaching to help you analyze your plan inclusions, pricing strategy, and deployment. 


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Dental Menu Video Series

If you are starting a membership plan, or want to improve your current one, this course is for you!


Paul Lowry

Paul Lowry is the CEO and co-founder of the Dental Menu. From 2008-2017 he helped offices with internal and external marketing. After experiencing the challenges of finding and retaining FFS patients, he co-founded Dental Menu in 2017.

Dental Menu is a complete platform that allows dental providers to offer membership plans directly to their patients. Their solution empowers team members to organize and manage their plans effectively, while also ensuring optimal patient experience.

Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Utah State University. When Paul isn’t immersed in work, he enjoys teaching, spending time with his wife and kids, dirt biking, fishing, and being outdoors.

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