Apex Payment Solutions

The right payment solutions for your office.

Apex Payment Solutions partners with fellow dentists to help you find the right payment options for your practice, so you can focus on what’s truly important — caring for your patients.

As dentists ourselves, we’ve experienced the frustrations firsthand of endless payment options, rising rates, and call center hold times. That’s why we decided to create a personalized, transparent, and dedicated experience so you can finally stop stressing about payment issues.

  • Guaranteed low rates that won’t increase
  • Transparent pricing (no hidden fees)
  • Tools to help staff collect 100%
  • Variety of terminal options & integrations
  • One on one customer service

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Interview with Founder, Dr. Allmand and Co-Founder, Mark Wikkerink

Mark Wikkerink

Phone: (317) 397-5897

Email: markw@apexpaymentsolutions.com

Making Payment Solutions Easy