Dental Intelligence

Transforming Your Numbers Into Actionable Data

Dental Intelligence connects to your Practice Management Software then tracks everything in your practice, analyzing instantly, automating, finding opportunities, and communicating with you. It’s packed with smart tools that work together to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks again, you save time, help more patients, increase production and so much more.

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What sets Dental Intelligence apart?

  • DI doesn’t provide “data.” They share actionable metrics with insights on what they mean.
  • Customer support is best-in-class and included lifetime at no extra cost.
  • They’re mobile – you can see all your key metrics and goals on your device, anytime, anywhere
  • Dental Intel helps you succeed in the areas that are important to your practice by helping you know what to do and how to measure if it’s working.
  • Dental Intel’s software helps you find the hidden opportunities in your practice management software, and shows you which ones are most valuable
  • Annual Patient Value – find out which of your patients are the most valuable patients

Dental Intelligence Service Offerings

  • Morning huddle built around your data
  • Intelligent Follow-Ups
  • Mobile App
  • Patient Finder
  • Call Intelligence
  • Collections Board
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Review emailed
  • Team Performance Tracker

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