A 401(k) plan without the headaches.

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Compared to the industry standard of 4-6 weeks, a same-day setup is a game changer! There’s no need to negotiate with multiple service providers. The automated system takes you from start to finish in just a few minutes. Even takeover plans can be completed much faster than with legacy providers, and with less disruption to participants.


Compared to the thousands charged by legacy providers, a fintech solution built for small businesses can be yours for as little as $9/participant/month.

How are the costs so low? By bundling services so you only deal with one provider, and by automating (almost) everything.

Automation makes setup times fast, it sends out employee notifications, it helps with testing and reporting, all so you don’t have to!



After setup, you’ll forget you have a 401(k)! It only requires 10 minutes a year from you.

Payroll integrations make most of the work happen automatically, and the 401GO technology handles employee notifications, testing, and all other administrative tasks, taking the burden off small business owners and admins.


Use Dentist Advisors’ in house designed model portfolios that capture long term investment returns with the appropriate level of risk. The fees are low, but the features are not. Access streamlined process with automatic investing and rebalancing.

The user friendly platform will make setting up auto-drafts and selecting investments a breeze.

Plan Features

Payroll Integrations

401GO can integrated with almost every payroll provider out there.

Flexible Plan Designs

401GO can accommodate almost any type of plan design, including safe harbor, profit-sharing and traditional options.


On the Plus and Premier plans, an ERISA bond is included, so your assets are insured and safe.

Guided Portfolio Builder

401GO doesn’t shove participants into pre-built boxes, Dentist Advisors and 401GO collaborates to customize portfolios to meet your individual needs.

Automated Notifications

The system will send out required notifications by email, so you’ll never have to track employee eligibility on your own.

Nondiscrimination Testing

401GO provides automated, ongoing testing to watch for problems all year long, so you won’t have surprises at year end.

Compliance Work

401GO prepares, signs and files the 5500 form, as well as the 1099-R and 8955-SSA. They will take responsibility for the accuracy of these forms.

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