Pro-Fi 20/20 Dental CPAs

Providing Financial Clarity

Pro-Fi 20/20 Dental CPAs is a managerial accounting, proactive tax planning, and financial-freedom advisory CPA firm created for growth-oriented dental entrepreneurs, with a mission-driven purpose to create life-changing impact in the lives of our clients.

Pro-Fi is currently serving over 700 practices in 43 states, from solo practitioners and partnerships to multi-location DSOs, with an emphasis is on profitability consulting to help doctors create more margin of time and money to positively impact their quality of life. Services include business consulting, comprehensive & proactive tax planning, accounting & bookkeeping, cash flow planning, business analytics, business valuations, bank loan assistance, and more.

Pro-Fi is typically not your first CPA relationship but rather the premium CPA relationship sought after you desire more tailored business advice and engagement. The best fit to be a client of Pro-Fi is a practice owner with at least $1.5M Collections (or will be there within the next 12 months).

For More Information, reach out to:

Chris Sands, Co-Founder

(404) 495-4895