Global Leader in Aesthetic Technology

EndyMed is a global leader in aesthetic technology. With the most versatile and powerful RF platforms on the marketing, EndyMed provides our practices with a comprehensive and effective approach to all of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments on the market. With our proprietary 3DEEP technology, we can achieve the best results with the shortest treatment times available. This translates directly to the success of our practices with both patient satisfaction and ROI.

Specific to the dental sector, we provide a very palatable acquisition, the safest and easiest to used systems and interfaces, and turnkey post sale service and support, training and certification that supersedes the competition, and business development to take any guess work and challenges out of the equation.

With 1 in 4 dental practices offering some sort of dental spa services today, make sure that you are also capitalizing on the $13.2B industry of aesthetics to take your practice to the next level.


Sally Bevans

VP of Marketing and Sales, U.S