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2023 Year-End Tax Planning Resources

Welcome to Dentist Advisors, where we are dedicated to helping dentists make smart financial decisions.

With year-end approaching, it is time to seize the opportunity to minimize your 2023 tax obligations.

Dive into our library of free tax planning resources below!

Download Year-End Financial Planning Checklist

Save yourself tax dollars and headaches by staying ahead of important IRS deadlines

With guidance from your financial advisor and CPA, take time to address the following tasks and decisions during Q4, and you should be in great shape to start the new year without regrets or surprises.

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Get organized and set your financial plan

If you are interested in a more comprehensive discussion about how to make better financial decisions, schedule a free consultation with an advisor that only works with dentists.

Register for a Tax Strategies Webinar

With less than 70 days remaining in the year, it’s an important time for a tax strategies refresher. Know how to maximize contributions in tax-deferred accounts for 2023 and become familiar with how the new Secure Act 2.0 rules, that will take effect in 2024, could benefit you.

Join us for an exclusive session with Tom Whalen, a seasoned CPA renowned for crafting money-saving tax strategies for dentists.

Accounting and Tax Planning Resources

Watch the webinar to create a year-end checklist

Available Now!: Watch the webinar replay with Matt Mulcock, CFP® and Ryan Isaac, CFP® to learn about the upcoming changes created by the Secure Act 2.0 and create a checklist to help you get organized for tax planning and 2024.

Learn more about tax planning  & prepare for 2024.

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2023 Year-End Financial Planning Checklist for Dentists

Save yourself tax dollars and headaches by staying ahead of important IRS deadlines. With guidance from your financial advisor and...

Creating Your Year-End Checklist: What Can and Cannot Wait

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5 Tax Write-offs Every Dentist Should Know About

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Fee Schedule

Investment Fee

Investment Balance Annual Fee
First $1M $0 - $1M 1.5%
Next $1M $1M - $2M 1.0%
Next $1M $2M - $3M 0.75%
Above $3M 0.5%

The cost of planning will be offset by a monthly fee until your investment fee covers the cost of our planning service. See monthly fee reduction schedule below.

Investment Balance Monthly Fee Reduction
$500k -$100
$750k -$200
$1M -$300
$1.25M -$400
$1.5M -$500
$1.75M -$600
$2M -$700
$2.25 -$795

Our Pricing Philosophy

At Dentist Advisors, we’ve structured our pricing to give every dentist access to holistic planning. We understand that some of you are just getting started, and many of you have postponed your savings plan in order to pay down debt or reinvest in your practice. So instead of requiring a minimum investment balance, we allow you to offset the cost of planning with a monthly fee until your investment fee is enough to cover our services.

This approach takes the emphasis away from what you’ve already saved, and puts the focus on your potential. As your investment balance goes up, a greater portion of your service charge will be covered by your investments, and your monthly fee will be reduced.

Our pricing model requires that your investments are managed by Dentist Advisors for a few main reasons:

  1. Our pricing model is predicated on your investment fees as the primary source of payment.
  2. We want our incentives to be aligned with the growth of your investments.
  3. As the advisor who knows your asset mix, debt profile, lifestyle requirements, behavioral tendencies, and the trajectory of your practice, we are in the best position to design an investment portfolio that aligns with your risk requirements and timelines for growth.
  4. Because we understand your personal and practice cash flow, we can manage the tax impact of any changes to your investment plan. This becomes important when you withdraw or reallocate your funds for any reason. The related tax consequences can significantly impact overall returns; especially for dentists who accumulate large balances of after-tax investments. A less informed party could have a more difficult time ensuring that your taxes are managed properly.

Our pricing model ultimately reflects our desire to deliver a comprehensive and long term planning experience for dentists at every career phase.