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A Rant to Make You Rethink Target Date Funds – Episode 118

Have you looked into target date funds as an investment option? A lot of dentists are drawn to this seemingly...

The #1 Thing Dentists Wish They’d Known Before a Transition – Episode 117

What are your options when it comes to buying or selling a practice? Will it be a gradual buyout or...

How Much Money Does a Dentist Need to Save? – Episode 116

How does your savings rate compare to other dentists? More importantly, how much money should YOU be putting away each...

Does Your Study Club Feel Like a Waste of Time? – Episode 115

How would you rate your study club experiences? Do they add real value or do they seem unproductive? In this...

What is Elements® Comprehensive Financial Planning?

Learn about the Elements® periodic table of financial indicators and see how twelve simple calculations can be used to help...

Video 5: Are You Taking the Right Amount of Risk?

See how the Elements® are used to measure the risk you take with your investments, practice, and insurance coverage

Video 4: Are You Using Your Income Wisely?

Learn how the money you put toward saving, spending, debt, and taxes can be tracked to optimize your growth

Video 3: Do You Have the Right Mix of Assets?

Learn how the Elements can be used to make sure you have a balanced distribution of assets.

Video 2: How Much Wealth Do You Need to Make Work Optional?

See how to calculate your progress toward financial independence using an Element called Total Term

Video 1: Four Questions Every Dentist Needs to Answer

Learn how the Elements® periodic table of twelve financial indicators empowers dentists to fulfill their wealth-building potential

What Dentists Want to Know – Listener Q&A #2 – Episode 114

Do you have burning questions about your personal or practice finances? In this episode of Dentist Money™, Reese & Ryan...

Here’s What’s Changed About Practice Management – Episode 113

What’s the right balance of delegation and direct involvement? As the CEO of your practice, do you have enough information...