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4 Keys for Dentists


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Did you know dentists consistently rank among the highest-earning professionals in the nation, yet retire six years later than the average American?


In this interactive presentation, Reese highlights the big reasons for the backward trend and addresses four key questions every dentist should be able to answer:

How much wealth do I need to make work optional?
Do I have the right mix of assets?
Am I using my income wisely?
Am I taking the right amount of risk?

5 Steps to Better

Investment Performance

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The noisy world of investing makes it hard to know where your money should  go and feel confident your portfolio is managed the right way.


The truth is one bad investment can erase several years of hard work. In this  cut-to-the-chase presentation, Reese Harper, CFP® brings a complicated  subject down to earth and explains how to overcome the costs of:

Irrational investor behavior
Hiring the wrong advisor
Underestimating risk tolerance
Poor investment selection
A mismanaged portfolio