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Create a massive impact while being aligned with your true self.

Mike Zeller has founded or partnered in 16+ ventures in 7 different industries.  His businesses collectively have done over $100 million in revenue and he’s had more than his share of wins and failures in life and business.  He loves to teach and speak on finding your genius and re-wiring yourself to release self sabotage while claiming your personal power so that you show up fully in your business and at home.
He’s survived losing over $1 million in about 18 months, his wife’s 2.5 year deep battle with mental health, and is now guiding leaders, entrepreneurs and investors through his powerful ReWired Program: helping high achievers shed sabotaging beliefs, habits, and patterns to step into their genius and live in flow state where you’re 500% more productive.
He’s passionate about being an amazing father, to helping heal and release trauma rapidly using the combination of NLP, plant medicines and flow state training to re-pattern neuro-pathways.
He’s mentored  hundreds of entrepreneurs on 6 continents now of all age ranges and experience.  He has also mentored some of Hollywood’s top voice over actresses, NFL athletes, real estate investors, real estate developers and other peak performing leaders.  He’s the  author of The Genius Within: Finding Your  Natural Pathway to Impact, Fulfillment & Wealth.

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Mike Zeller
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