Acre Homes

The modern way to invest in single family real estate

Disclaimer: This opportunity is exclusively for accredited investors who are members of the Dentist Advisory community and is not for general solicitation.

Opportunity for Accredited Investors of the Dentist Advisory Community

Acre has created a better model for investing in single-family homes in select, high-growth markets. With Acre you can invest in quality homes with higher yields than traditional single-family rental (“SFR”). Acre does this by aligning incentives with residents and giving them a great experience and a true sense of ownership.

Acre’s single-family strategy is benefitting from higher rates and continued in-migration in key markets, resulting in strong yields and total returns to our LPs.

Further Information

For further information, please contact your Dentist Advisor financial advisor or Acre’s Head of Capital Formation and Investor Relations, David Thompson, at


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Background on the Company

At Acre we believe in the community and wealth-building benefits of ownership. Acre combines the ease of renting with the financial upside of owning. Our unique shared-appreciation model gives potential home buyers a strong alternative in today’s market, delivering a better experience and financial outcome than purchasing a home with a mortgage.

Dentist Advisors Interview with Acre Homes

David Thompson


Capital Formation and Investor Relations