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How Much Do You Need to Retire? – Calculating Your Total Term (Tt)

In this one-hour course, Reese Harper, CEO of Dentist Advisors, will show you how to calculate your progress toward retirement and determine the amount of money you’ll need to make work truly optional. Reese also shares some of the often overlooked ways to accelerate your progress.
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At Dentist Advisors, we use a periodic table called Elements® to measure twelve key indicators of a dentist’s financial health. For each block in the table, we make a simple calculation to understand your performance in a given area and then benchmark it against a large sample of other dentists.

In this course, using simple math, you’ll learn how to calculate your Total Term (Tt) Element® which measures and benchmarks your progress toward financial independence. You’ll also become familiar with how other Elements® within your financial plan impact the speed at which you can achieve your goals.

This online course is delivered via on-demand video and includes a downloadable workbook to help you gather and organize the required information, make calculations, and define the financial terminology used throughout the presentation.
Also included is a downloadable spreadsheet, that can be used to track related financial Elements® and net worth over time.
You are also invited to join The Dentist Advisors Discussion Group on Facebook where you can get any course-related and/or other financial questions answered by Reese and other financial experts from the Dentist Advisors team. This lively community is the best place to go when you want advice on how to make smart financial decisions.

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