Private Wealth Management for Practice Owners

Get organized and gain control of your financial life

You’ve invested in yourself and your practice to unlock earnings potential that ranks among the highest of all professionals. We’ll give you the tools to translate your business performance into greater personal wealth.

We’ll help you get organized, fix immediate issues, invest your money in the right places, and continuously monitor the most important indicators of your financial health. And because we work exclusively with dentists, we can offer industry-specific guidance related to hiring associates, opening new locations, buying or leasing your practice space, financing your equipment, obtaining proper insurance coverage, and setting up your office retirement plan.


Dedicated CFP® Advisor (Unlimited Access)

Dedicated CFP® Advisor (Unlimited Access)

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is a standard of excellence in financial planning. CFP® professionals meet rigorous education, training and ethical standards, and are committed to serving their clients' best interests.

As a Private Wealth Management client of Dentist Advisors, not only will you work directly with your own CFP® advisor, you'll be working with one who understands the unique challenges and opportunities of a dental career.

Plus, because of our fee-only compensation structure, you can be assured that your advisor will never be paid commission to sell you financial products.

Call, text, email, or meet with your advisor anytime to receive objective, fiduciary, and personalized guidance.

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Custom Portfolio Management

Custom Portfolio Management

It might surprise you that Vanguard estimates for some people, using the right kind of advisor can add 3% in net returns each year; much more than a typical financial advisor may charge to help you. Read Vanguard's full report here to see how a combination of behavioral coaching, asset location, proper rebalancing, trading, and withdrawals can substantially alter your performance over time. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just buying cheap index funds and putting things on autopilot.

At Dentist Advisors, once your dashboard is built, and we have a complete and accurate view of your entire financial picture, we'll make adjustments to your current strategy, or put your strategy in motion for the first time. We'll build on what you already have—especially if it's already well positioned. We'll be cautious as we analyze the tax impact of any changes, and start to position your portfolio with cost-effective investments and a highly disciplined approach that captures value across countries, companies, currencies, and real estate. Your tax rate, liquidity, cash flow, personality profile, time frames, and risk tolerance will all be factored into your investment strategy. As markets go through ups and downs, we'll be your voice of reason to help you navigate adjustments and stay consistent when it's difficult to do so.

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Elements® Financial Monitoring App

Elements® Financial Monitoring App

Originally developed at Dentist Advisors, the Elements Financial Monitoring App allows you to:
  • See all your financial accounts in one place
  • Measure your financial health through a scorecard of key indicators
  • Track your progress through quarterly reports
Because the Elements app is a two-sided platform, our advisors (with your permission) can also access your scorecard and offer personalized insights whenever you have questions or want to meet.

Quarterly net worth reports

Quarterly net worth reports

Know your wealth is growing fast enough to fulfill your long term goals

Along with a real time net worth summary, which you can always view on your dashboard, we will deliver quarterly net worth progress reports to show a historical view of your progress. The report includes a detailed breakdown of your assets and debts so it’s clear which factors are contributing to growth (or decline).

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Collaboration with your other service professionals

Collaboration with your other service professionals

Save time by authorizing Dentist Advisors to gather data directly from your CPA, attorney, office manager, payroll provider, and other contacts

Using a limited power of attorney, we will establish lines of communication with each of your professional contacts to request data and documents on a regular basis. In essence, we'll be the quarterback of your service provider team and make sure your financial playbook includes the most up-to-date information from all the right sources. This allows us to complete much of our analysis behind the scenes without disrupting your busy schedule.

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Quarterly Clients-Only Huddles

Quarterly Clients-Only Huddles

Each quarter, our financial advisors and other professionals provide updates and commentary about current events such as market conditions, tax policy, media headlines, and dental industry trends.

Practice Owner Fees

Our pricing assumes your investable assets will be managed by Dentist Advisors. Learn why

Private Wealth Management fees are based on complexity and your investment balance. Fees include a one-time implementation fee, a monthly fee, and an AUM fee. As your investment balance grows, monthly fees are discounted and AUM fees drop.

Investment fee +
$0-495 / Month
+ $1,995 for initial strategy
Get Started

To estimate your annual fee, input your anticipated investment balance


AUM @ 1.5% ()
Monthly fee @ ()
Annual fee (est.):

How is this calculated?

Practice Owner

Implementation Fee* — $1,995

Investment Balance AUM Fee Monthly Fee
<$500K 1.5% $495
$500K — $750K 1.5% $395
$750K – $1M 1.5% $295
$1M – $1.25M 1.0% $195
$1.25M – $1.5M 1.0% $95
$1.5M – $2M 1.0% $0
$2M – $3M 0.75% $0
$3M+ 0.5% $0

*New clients pay a one-time implementation fee that includes building an accounts dashboard, organizing documents, preparing a net worth statement, and delivering an initial strategy.

Our Pricing Philosophy

At Dentist Advisors, we’ve structured our pricing to give every dentist access to holistic planning. We understand that some of you are just getting started, and many of you have postponed your savings plan in order to pay down debt or reinvest in your practice. So instead of requiring a minimum investment balance, we allow you to offset the cost of planning with a monthly fee until your investment fee is enough to cover our services.

This approach takes the emphasis away from what you’ve already saved, and puts the focus on your potential. As your investment balance goes up, a greater portion of your service charge will be covered by your investments, and your monthly fee will be reduced.

Our pricing model requires that your investments are managed by Dentist Advisors for a few main reasons:

  1. Our pricing model is predicated on your investment fees as the primary source of payment.
  2. We want our incentives to be aligned with the growth of your investments.
  3. As the advisor who knows your asset mix, debt profile, lifestyle requirements, behavioral tendencies, and the trajectory of your practice, we are in the best position to design an investment portfolio that aligns with your risk requirements and timelines for growth.
  4. Because we understand your personal and practice cash flow, we can manage the tax impact of any changes to your investment plan. This becomes important when you withdraw or reallocate your funds for any reason. The related tax consequences can significantly impact overall returns; especially for dentists who accumulate large balances of after-tax investments. A less informed party could have a more difficult time ensuring that your taxes are managed properly.

Our pricing model ultimately reflects our desire to deliver a comprehensive and long term planning experience for dentists at every career phase.