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DENTIST MONEY™ MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT By checking the box, I agree to sign up for the Dentist Money™ Membership with Aquire Wealth Advisors, LLC d/b/a Dentist Advisors (“Dentist Advisors”). Included Core Services My Dentist Money Membership entitles me to receive the following materials and services: Elements® app Annual Financial Checkup with an advisor Additional coaching sessions for an hourly rate Event registration discounts Member-only virtual “huddles” Help desk support The above-listed materials and services will be provided for informational purposes only. All content is information of a general nature and does not address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. I understand that I have the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any information before making any decisions based on such information, and that in providing these materials and services to me, Dentist Advisors is not providing legal, tax, investment or other advice. Services Included Upon Request As a Dentist Money™ Member, I am entitled to receive, upon request, one Annual Financial Checkup per consecutive 12-month period (“Membership Year”). As part of the Annual Financial Checkup process, I will meet with a licensed investment adviser representative provided by and through Dentist Advisors. I understand and acknowledge that the value and usefulness of the Annual Financial Checkup will depend upon the accuracy and completeness of the information that I provide, and upon my active participation in the relationship with Dentist Advisors. If I request an Annual Financial Checkup, I agree to provide complete and accurate information and documents that Dentist Advisors requests, in Dentist Advisors’ sole judgment, in order to provide the Annual Financial Checkup services. Dentist Advisors will use its best judgment and good faith efforts in rendering all services. Although Dentist Advisors will consider tax implications in making recommendations, I acknowledge that Dentist Advisors’ recommendations to me, if any, shall not constitute legal or tax advice, analysis, or opinion. I acknowledge that I retain final decision-making authority and responsibility for the implementation of any recommendation or advice rendered to me by Dentist Advisors, and that I am not required to implement any of the recommendations or otherwise conduct business through Dentist Advisors. Dentist Advisors shall not be responsible for implementing, monitoring, or updating any recommendations made under this Agreement unless a separate agreement is entered into for that purpose. This Agreement covers all Annual Financial Checkup sessions that may occur at any time under this Agreement. The costs of all Annual Financial Checkups that I may receive are covered by the monthly membership fee, as now or hereafter determined. I understand that I must specifically request an Annual Financial Checkup in order to receive one, and that Dentist Advisors is not obligated to provide any Annual Financial services unless I so request and cooperate by providing the requested information. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I must request the service during the Membership Year, as applicable, and that if I do not request an Annual Financial Checkup during any Membership Year, my right to receive it during that Membership Year is extinguished, and I may not request the service in any subsequent Membership Year. Additional Services Available My Dentist Money™ Membership also includes optional access to investment management using Dentist Advisors’ investment models through Betterment’s robo-advisor platform. These services are provided for an annual AUM (assets under management) fee of 0.50% and there is no minimum asset requirement. I understand that, if/when I opt into investment management, I will be required to sign a separate agreement for those services. General Terms The “Term” of this Agreement is one month from the date of my enrollment as a Dentist Money Member. This Agreement shall automatically renew for successive monthly periods unless terminated by either party. If either party provides notice to terminate this Agreement, the Membership will terminate on the last day of the monthly billing period during which one party notifies the other of the intent to terminate. This Agreement may not be assigned without my consent. I agree that my consent may be obtained by my failure to object to written notice of a proposed assignment. Dentist Advisors does not require or solicit prepayment of more than $1,200 in fees per client, six months or more in advance. Neither Dentist Advisors nor any related party receives sales-related compensation under this Agreement. I have received and read, and I understand, this Agreement, Dentist Advisors’ Firm Brochure (ADV Part 2A), Brochure Supplement(s) (ADV Part 2B), Relationship Summary (ADV Part 3), and Privacy Notice.

By providing this Email Account, you and each joint or co-owner (all, the “Client”) consent to receive electronically from Dentist Advisors (“Advisor”) the Electronic Communications, subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONSENT TO ELECTRONIC DELIVERY here.

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