24/7 Personal Financial Dashboard

With a single login you’ll see all your bank accounts, loans, and assets in one place. No more bouncing around the web to check your balances and activity. You’ll be organized, informed, and prepared to make better decisions using real numbers.

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Get access to a personal dashboard with our Elements® comprehensive planning service

See how your net worth changes in real time
  • Bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts update each day through live connections with your financial institutions
  • See how assets like practice equity and real estate grow as we update estimates of value
  • Monitor practice, equipment, real estate, and student loan balances


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Keep an eye on personal spending
  • Track spending by category
  • Understand when it’s okay to splurge, and when it’s time to tighten the belt
  • Improve retirement projections by knowing how much you’ll need to support your lifestyle


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Store important financial documents for safe and easy access to your current information
  • Tax returns
  • Insurance policies
  • Estate planning and legal documents
  • Corporate documents


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Monitor your investments
  • See how your investment balances change each day
  • Understand how your investment accounts are trending
  • Compare your portfolio to market performance


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View all of your accounts:

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