The State of Work in Today’s Dentistry

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The State of Work in Today’s Dentistry


Take a dive into the state of work in dentistry! Examine trends with both professionals and employers, in order to have the most productive practice possible. With GoTu as the nation’s leading dental staffing platform, we’ll dissect the evolving dynamics of the dental workforce and equip you with actionable strategies for success.

Join Spencer Chipping of Dentist Advisors, along with Wesley Gerard and Thalía Sizemore of GoTu, as they provide data-driven insights for the dental community.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to encourage and retain top notch dental staff
  • The most common reasons why staff leave
  • The work environment that professionals are most attracted to

Don’t miss this opportunity to review new staffing data and best practices of productive dental practices!

Who Should Attend?

  • Practice owners and associates


  • Spencer Chipping, Sr. VP of Business Development, Dentist Advisors
  • Wesley Gerard, Strategic Partnerships Manager, GoTu
  • Thalía Sizemore, Director of Marketing Operations & Demand Generation, GoTu

Webinar Details

Thursday March 14th, 2024
6:30 – 7:30 PM MST
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Dental Industry Experts

Spencer Chipping, MBA

Spencer is an accomplished executive with deep experience serving the dental industry at The Crown Council. He has recently assumed a key role as SVP of Business Development at Dentist Advisors.


Wesley Gerard

Wesley Gerard is a dynamic professional serving as the Strategic Partnerships Manager at GoTu, where he has connected with great leaders in dentistry for nearly two years, he has previously executed various roles within sales and marketing. A proud graduate of the UC Davis College of Letters and Sciences, Wesley brings a focused yet human element to his strategic role.


Thalía Sizemore

Thalia is the Director of Marketing Operations & Demand Generation at GoTu with a passion for leveraging data to drive marketing excellence. Her expertise lies in translating complex data into actionable strategies, contributing significantly to the success of various initiatives.


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