Rethink Your Reaction to Market Crashes

How can you crash-proof your retirement fund? What should you do with your money next time the stock market tanks? Watch this short video for advice on how to handle market fluctuations.

Hi, I’m Reese Harper, CEO of Dentist Advisors.

I’m going to tell you some good news about market crashes: if you’ve been investing correctly, they aren’t a risk to your retirement fund. In fact, you should look at crashes as prime opportunities to continue to buy stocks at a low price and then reap the profits when the market recovers.

If you aren’t in a position to buy during a crash, do yourself a favor and don’t pull your money out of the market. The best defense against a bear market isn’t hoarding your money.

Here are the four best pieces of advice you can use to crash-proof your retirement fund:

Diversify your portfolio. Don’t concentrate your investments in one country, company or sector.
Aim to save 30x your annual personal spending by your retirement date. This is enough to carry you comfortably through retirement.
Maintain a low withdrawal rate – usually 3-4% of your portfolio annually – during retirement.
Keep a reserve of 3 years’ worth of your personal spending. You can live off these funds until the market recovers.

Remember, the longer your money is in the market, the higher your returns will be.

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