2018 Q4 Market Review

In the fourth quarter of 2018, global equities fell amidst uncertainty and concerns over global trade and slowing economic growth.

U.S. stocks declined, showing significant falls in December. European equities and emerging markets both lost value with a familiar range of global trade and growth concerns. Further maturing in the global business cycle is likely to reinforce uncertainty in 2019. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December to demonstrate confidence in the economy despite worries.

Let Us Catch You Up

If you don’t have much time, simply check out pages 3 and 4. You’ll see the overall performance of stock and bonds and an overview of major new events from the quarter.

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Notable Q4 Headlines

  • US Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest Level Since 1969
  • Wages Rise at Fastest Rate in Nearly a Decade as Hiring Jumps
  • US Government Deficit Grew 17% in Fiscal 2018
  • Japanese Economy Shrinks as Natural Disasters Take a Toll
  • US, Mexico, and Canada Sign Pact to Replace NAFTA
  • The US Indexes Close with Worst Yearly Losses Since 2018


Q4 Index Returns

  • US Market -14.30%
  • Developed -12.78%
  • Emerging -7.47%
  • Real Estate -5.79%
  • US Bond +1.64%
  • Global Bond +1.89%

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