2017 Q3 Market Review

The third quarter of 2017 continued an overall positive trend. US companies posted profit growth that hasn’t been seen in six years as household debt hit a record high. Household incomes rose to a new record, and US factory activity hit a six-year high.

All major markets experienced positive growth. Major headlines included the UK jobless rate hitting a 42-year low, global inflation hitting the lowest level since 2009, and US homeownership jumping from a 50-year low.

Let Us Catch you Up

If you don’t have a lot of time, just check out pages 3 and 4. You’ll see the overall performance of stocks and bonds for this quarter on page 3, and major news events on page 4.

An outline is included below, but be sure to download a full copy of the quarterly market review summary.

Notable Q3 Headlines

  • “Global Inflation Hits Lowest Level since 2009”
  • “US Homeownership Rate Jumps from 50-Year Low”
  • “Household Debt Hits Record as Auto Loans and Credit Cards Climb”
  • “Dollar Hits Lowest Level in More than 2 ½ Years”

Q3 Index Returns

  • US Market +4.57%
  • Developed +5.62%
  • Emerging +7.89%
  • Real Estate +1.13%
  • US Bond +0.85%
  • Global Bond +0.70%

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