2016 Q2 Market Review

In a quarter going out with the bang of Brexit, overall world market performance inched slightly positive. The US saw a reduction in jobless claims and consumer spending increased at its fastest pace in seven years. International developed stocks fell, with notable headlines including a deadlock over bailout terms in Greece and the Eurozone’s slide back into deflation. Mortgage refis surged in response to low interest rates and oil prices rebounded toward the end of the quarter.

Let Us Catch you Up

If you don’t have a lot of time, just check out pages 3 and 4. You’ll see the overall performance of stocks and bonds this quarter on page 3, and page 4 gives you an overview of major news events over the past 3 months.

An outline is included below, but be sure to download a full copy of the quarterly market review summary.

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Notable Q2 Headlines

  •  “Fed Signals No Rush to Raise Rates”
  •  “Brexit Vote Pushes Britain into Uncharted Waters”
  •  “Anemic Wage Growth Restraining Economy”
  •  “Oil Prices’ Rebound Leaves Investors Guessing What’s Next”

Q2 Index Returns

  • US Market +2.63%
  • Developed -1.05%
  • Emerging +0.66%
  • Real Estate +4.48%
  • US Bond +2.21%
  • Global Bond +3.11%