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What Dentists Want to Know — Listener Q&A #19 – Episode 264

What Dentists Want to Know — Listener Q&A #19

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Backdoor” Roth IRAs or retirement funding for extra entities you own—how can you get more pop in your retirement funds?

On this listener Q&A episode of the Dentist Money™ Show, Ryan and Matt answer a couple of common end-of-year retirement plan questions. And, after watching some U.S. markets reach all-time highs, are you wondering if it’s still a good time to make a lump sum investment?

“Backdoor” Roth IRA’s can be effective, but there can be a few complications you should know about. Plus, when putting retirement funds into an extra entity you’ve set up, the IRS has some rules you definitely need to know.

Investing, Retirement Plans

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