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Financial Education Library for Dentists

Our financial education library is filled with dental-specific insights on investing, retirement planning, personal finance, tax management, insurance, debt management, profitability, and other financial topics. Explore our collection of articles, courses, podcasts, videos, and eGuides.

Mindset Shift During Crisis with Kiera Dent from The Dental A-Team

Facebook Live Recording: Join Ryan Isaac, CFP®, and co-host of the Dentist Money™ Show podcast and Kiera Dent from The...

When should I start buying stocks during a volatile market downturn?

Facebook Live Recording: On their “Hot Tip of the Day” Reese Harper and Ryan Isaac discuss earthquakes, market volatility, pauses...

Video 5: Are You Taking the Right Amount of Risk?

See how the Elements® are used to measure the risk you take with your investments, practice, and insurance coverage

Video 4: Are You Using Your Income Wisely?

Learn how the money you put toward saving, spending, debt, and taxes can be tracked to optimize your growth

Video 3: Do You Have the Right Mix of Assets?

Learn how the Elements can be used to make sure you have a balanced distribution of assets.

Video 2: How Much Wealth Do You Need to Make Work Optional?

See how to calculate your progress toward financial independence using an Element called Total Term

Video 1: Four Questions Every Dentist Needs to Answer

Learn how the Elements® periodic table of twelve financial indicators empowers dentists to fulfill their wealth-building potential

Why Our Advisors Are Different

See how Dentist Advisors’ fee structure and technology leads to better results for dentists

The Keys to Better Investment Performance

Learn how Dentist Advisors’ academic and customized approach to investing can put dentists on a predictable path to more wealth

How Dentists Get Organized and Win Their Time Back

Learn about the tools and technology Dentist Advisors uses to help dentists take control of their time and make better...

How Dentist Advisors Delivers Comprehensive Planning

See how Dentist Advisors delivers comprehensive financial planning using a proprietary system to measure key indicators of financial health

Why Dentists Retire Six Years Later than the Average American

Learn the common hurdles that keep dentists from reaching financial independence on schedule