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Financial Education Library for Dentists

Our financial education library is filled with dental-specific insights on investing, retirement planning, personal finance, tax management, insurance, debt management, profitability, and other financial topics. Explore our collection of articles, courses, podcasts, videos, and eGuides.

Your Practice is Doing Well. So Where’s All the Money?

Where is all my money going? It’s a question that you’ve probably asked yourself many times. In this episode of...

The #1 Thing Dentists Wish They’d Known Before a Transition – Episode 117

What are your options when it comes to buying or selling a practice? Will it be a gradual buyout or...

The Marketing Activities Most Dentists Forget About

You have a website, social media pages, an appointment reminder app, and a direct mailer. But what else goes into...

How Much Money Does a Dentist Need to Save? – Episode 116

How does your savings rate compare to other dentists? More importantly, how much money should YOU be putting away each...

How You and Your Practice Can Become “Known.”

Does your digital marketing campaign tell the right story? What will it take to stand out among the competition? In...

Does Your Study Club Feel Like a Waste of Time? – Episode 115

How would you rate your study club experiences? Do they add real value or do they seem unproductive? In this...

Here’s What Your Marketing Plan is Missing

What are you doing to differentiate your practice? When potential patients see your logo or website, what is their first...

What is Elements® Comprehensive Financial Planning?

Learn about the Elements® periodic table of financial indicators and see how twelve simple calculations can be used to help...

Video 5: Are You Taking the Right Amount of Risk?

See how the Elements® are used to measure the risk you take with your investments, practice, and insurance coverage

Video 4: Are You Using Your Income Wisely?

Learn how the money you put toward saving, spending, debt, and taxes can be tracked to optimize your growth

Video 3: Do You Have the Right Mix of Assets?

Learn how the Elements can be used to make sure you have a balanced distribution of assets.

Video 2: How Much Wealth Do You Need to Make Work Optional?

See how to calculate your progress toward financial independence using an Element called Total Term