Blank Screen: An Introduction

Here I am, ready to begin my journey of writing “200 crappy words a day” in hopes that I will learn, and maybe you will too, the principles that lead to better financial health. I’m reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits at the time I write this, and I’m working on putting his philosophy of small daily improvements to the test. With any luck these daily improvements will compound over time and before long I’ll become an overnight success.

I find it difficult to begin without introducing myself and my “why” behind my passion for financial planning.

I’m Amanda Bateman, CFP®, and I’m the newest financial advisor at Dentist Advisors. I came to the world of financial services through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events. On the fortunate side, I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. On the unfortunate side, I “paid” for my education with student loans.

The first time I added up my debt after graduation I was shocked. I couldn’t believe the financial hole I’d dug myself into, and I couldn’t imagine how I’d ever pay back my loans. I wondered, “How do people who know what they’re doing pay for college?” While it was too late for me to pay for college in a better way, this moment inspired me to learn how to be smarter with money.

I started with the very basics: trying to budget, learning to spend within my means, and saving at least my employer match in my 401(k). Little by little, I began to recognize how money impacts everyone and hardly anyone wants to talk about it or knows where to start. Not long into my personal finance journey, I learned about a thing called a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and thought it sounded like a good idea to learn the details of what goes into the comprehensive financial planning process. Before long, I discovered my passion for helping others make informed decisions to improve their financial health and confidence, sleep better at night, and have the best chance for reaching their financial goals while enjoying the moment.

Even after 13 years of this journey, I struggle to see myself as an expert. The more I know, the more I realize how much I don’t know, and the more I want to learn so I can help more people. The reality is, I have a lot I can share to help others get their financial lives in order and cultivate a life they love today – not someday, but today, on the journey to where they’re going. So, while I’m not sure exactly what I will have to say, I look forward to the process of figuring it out and sharing with you along the way.

Until next time,

Amanda Bateman is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. She has top-tier institutional experience but is most known by clients for her common sense and pleasant personality. Amanda uses her commitment to holistic planning to guide dentists towards their wealth-building potential.

Photo Credit: Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels