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Empowering Dentists to Make Work Optional at an Earlier Age

Our Mission:

To Help Dentists Fulfill Their Wealth-Building Potential

We believe every dentist can become financially independent by building the right mix of assets, using income wisely, and taking the proper amount of risk. We’ve developed a comprehensive financial planning model that enables us to provide data-driven, objective advice based on a full view of a dentist’s financial picture.

Watch our intro series to learn how we work and think:

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Reese Harper


As CEO of, Reese Harper is committed to building a team of expert advisors who help dentists fulfill their wealth-building potential. He began his career in 2003, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), and holds CLU® and CHFC® designations from the American College of Financial Services. Reese’s investment in leading edge technology and his decision to focus solely on dentists has led to a powerful service platform where advice is given with greater precision at faster speeds. He is host of the Dentist Money™ Show, popular speaker at dental conventions, and regular contributor to dental publications.

Ryan Isaac
Financial Advisor


Ryan Isaac is a trusted financial advisor for dentists across the country who rely on him to build wealth with greater confidence. For each client, he considers the inseparable connection between personal and practice finances and develops a plan to optimize both. Ryan is an expert in portfolio management, debt reduction, tax management, retirement plans, profit sharing plans, and insurance. He is also co-host of the Dentist Money Show™ and a regular speaker at dental events nationwide.

Brad Davis
Financial Advisor

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Jacob Rich
Associate Advisor

Jacob Rich is the longest tenured associate advisor at He oversees financial planning operations and manages projects to develop our technology platform. Jacob provides ongoing financial analysis for clients and works closely with our team of advisors to ensure advice is always based on accurate data. He earned his financial planning degree from Utah Valley University and has a strong background in personal finance, financial modeling, and investment portfolio analysis.

Nate Driggs
Associate Advisor

Nate Driggs is directly involved with day-to-day planning operations and works closely with clients to keep their finances organized and track progress on a variety of metrics. He manages client dashboards, leads new clients through onboarding, and prepares ongoing performance summaries for advisors. He also plays a key role in process improvement and client communication initiatives. Nate earned his degree from Utah Valley University, which ranks among the top financial planning programs in the country.

Gerika Ballard
Associate Advisor

Gerika Ballard is a product of Utah Valley University’s highly-ranked financial planning program. She provides ongoing support to our team of advisors who rely on her for performance summaries related to each client’s net worth progress, asset distribution, income allocation, and risk profile. She also performs regular audits to ensure benchmarking statistics used in our Elements® process are accurate and up to date.

Kaye Robison
Investment Operations Manager

Kaye Robison implements investment portfolio models for each client and oversees investment activity which includes account setup, money transfers, daily trading, billing, and contracts. She also performs compliance audits to ensure business operations and client communication follow SEC regulations. Kaye is the main point of contact for clients who need to make withdrawals, transfers, or deposits.

Justin Copier
Director of Business Operations

Justin Copier directs strategic initiatives for which include industry partnerships, internal operations, employee development, client communication, and content production. He earned his MBA from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University and has a strong background in business-to-consumer communication. His primary objective at is to build a highly motivated team of experts who are empowered to help dentists build wealth faster.

Jeff Alexander
Educational Media Producer

Jeff Alexander brings our educational content to life with daily audio and visual production. He records, edits, and publishes each episode of the Dentist Money™ Show and directs all educational videos. His proficiency in set design, camera work, sound, lighting, and graphic design allow us to produce high quality content for dentists in large volumes. Jeff’s technical skillset also includes web design, marketing automation, and social media communication. He earned a BS in digital media with an emphasis in film design from Eastern Oregon University.