2017 Q4 Market Review

2017 ended on a positive note with new-home sales growth surging to a 25-year high as US consumer confidence hit its highest level since 2004. Unemployment rates held at a 17-year low of 4.1% and Japan’s economy was boosted by a surge in capital spending.

All major markets experienced positive growth for the third consecutive quarter. Major headlines included the UK and EU reaching a deal on Brexit divorce terms, oil hitting two-year highs as US stockpiles dropped, and Trump signing sweeping tax overhaul into law.

Let Us Catch you Up

If you don’t have a lot of time, just check out pages 3 and 4. You’ll see the overall performance of stocks and bonds for this quarter on page 3, and major news events on page 4.

An outline is included below, but be sure to download a full copy of the quarterly market review summary.

Notable Q4 Headlines
“US Economy Reaches Its Potential Output for First Time in Decade”
“Fed Hikes Rates as Economy Picks Up”
“US Dollar Ends With Biggest Annual Decline Since 2007”
“US Producer Prices Rise Strongly, Point to Firming Inflation”

Q4 Index Returns
US Market +6.34%
Developed +4.23%
Emerging +7.44%
Real Estate +2.97%
US Bond +0.39%
Global Bond +1.10%

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