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Financial Planning & Investing for Early Career Dentists Course

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Start your career on a solid financial foundation with the tools and advice you need to make smart financial decisions.

The Elements® iOS app (beta) is designed to help you organize your finances, analyze your financial health, and make wise financial decisions with the help of our advisory team. As a subscriber, you will also get access to our weekly financial training classes that incorporate app data to teach the fundamentals of personal and practice finance.

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  • Organize your financial information to avoid uninformed decision making
  • Use the Elements® financial planning system to analyze your financial health
  • Make smart financial decisions based on your analysis
  • Ensure you stay disciplined while executing your plan

Sample class topics:

  • Why Planning For Dentists Is Different
  • Student Loans and Debt in 2020
  • How to Select Professional Advisors
  • Insurance 101 For Dentists
  • Where Should You Put Your Money?
  • How to Design A Budget that Works
  • How to Build A Savings Plan
  • Designing Your Emergency Fund
  • The Truth About Real Estate
  • Practice Ownership Models
  • Retirement Accounts 101
  • Investing Through Stocks & Bonds

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Full Access to the Elements® App (iOS)
Chat-based Access to Our Advisors
Weekly Financial Training Course

training schedule:

Thursdays at 6:30pm MDT
(60 min. instruction and Q&A)


$49 / Month
(Beta Pricing)
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MEET THE Instructors

Dental Industry Financial Experts

reese harper

Reese is a CFP®, CEO of Dentist Advisors, and co-host of The Dentist Money™ Show Podcast.


Ryan Isaac

Ryan is a CFP®, co-host of the Dentist Money™ Show  and a senior financial advisor.


Abby morton

Abby is a CFP® professional and Financial Advisor at Dentist Advisors.


Matt Mulcock

Matt is a CFP® professional and financial advisor at Dentist Advisors.